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Venue & Event Lead Generation

Engage with your community like never before!

Our proprietary location-based authentication system allows app users who log in at a location to be added to that location's leads list without sharing that lead with other locations. BudRunner works at all locations, but your data is yours exclusively. Plug in to your chosen CRM, or have us set one up for you, and enjoy the benefits of omni-channel SMS/Chat/Email interactions with your community of consumers as they sign up for access to your venue.

Market Research & Analytics

Understand your products and market through engaging and dynamic product surveys visualized with custom analytics, reporting, and dashboards!

Our survey engine is carefully curated for Cannabis products. Collect data relevant to determining taste, effects, medicinal value, user satisfaction, and branding. Utilize analytics and reporting designed by cannabis consumption spaces for cannabis consumption spaces. Compare your user surveys to terpene profiles, potency information, and brand engagement to generate dashboards that allow you to see your how your community is engaging with your brand at a glance!

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Inventory Management for On-Site Consumption 

Small business, big data!

Full app ecosystem login system allows users to access your facility with ease. They simply log into the app, and our BudRunner Kiosk allows you to scan their QR code and authenticate the user for access to your facility or event, request their consent to market to them, etc. BudRunner can process any access or membership transactions required for you, associate it with your attendee or member's account, and ensure future scans of their BudRunner QR registers that the transaction occurred. If you utilize a Point of Sale solution, BudRunner can too. Square integration for Kiosk merchant services comes built-in, but we can integrate with anything with an API. 


Your users have the power. Request service at the bar, take product surveys, see events at the location, book private events at the venue, message other location users, and manage memberships and subscriptions right from BudRunner.


Since it also manages your inventory or plugs into your inventory management system, BudRunner can limit and report on the availability of those bookings and products.

Custom Software & Automation Services

We aim to provide our small business partners with the digital services massive companies leverage to push them out of their market.

Looking for more than the base BudRunner solution? Realizing as you read about BudRunner that only part of it works for you, or perhaps you're seeking direct integration with your CRM solution? Maybe you'd like to expand your community engagement and add a messaging solution within your BudRunner location, so members of your location can message each other directly and so all of your various chat platforms can funnel to the same place. Maybe you just want it to plug into your business' events calendar to allow lookup of pre-sale tickets/passes and advertising of events. Heck, you might want us to make you some of those things so we can integrate them with your BudRunner instance ourselves.

Yes, we do that!


Pricing varies by solution desired.

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