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Choose your pricing plan

  • BudRunner Location Setup

    One-Time Setup Cost BudRunner Location & Account. Complete Beta access and white-glove support.
    • Location-Specific Leads List
    • Access Control
    • BudTender Inventory Management
    • User-Centric Survey and Consumption Data Collection
    • Join the Beta today and receive $49 off your first 6 months!
  • BudRunner Location Subscription

    Every month
    Our base BudRunner Subscription. Continued access and support to your BudRunner Instance.
     30 day free trial
    • Access to Venue created with BudRunner Location Setup
    • Ongoing white-glove support
    • 30 day free trial included to allow for setup period
  • BudRunner Event

    A single event as a location in BudRunner. Only available after initial Location setup is complete.
    • One-Time fee to host a temporary BudRunner event.
    • Event remains on the platform until the event is complete.
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